World Blood Donor Day was established by the World Health Assembly in 2004. Its purpose is to recognize individuals who voluntarily and altruistically donate blood, and to contribute to strengthening national programs for collecting, processing and distributing sufficient safe blood for all patients who require transfusions.

This year the global ceremony will be held in Argentina, a country that expects to have ONE MILLION VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONORS. The theme for this year's campaign in the Americas, "MORE BLOOD DONORS, MORE HEALTHY LIVES," carries two messages.

First, we need more people to become regular blood donors to ensure that more patients recover their health. Second, countries need to educate the public about the importance of regular donation of safe blood.

The Pan American Health Organization recognizes those who donate blood voluntarily for their vital contributions to longer, healthier lives in the Americas.

MÁS donantes de SANGRE, MÁS VIDA sana

MORE BLOOD donors, MORE healthy LIVES

Doadores de SANGUE MAIS, VIDA MAIS saudável

PLUS de donneurs DE SANG, PLUS DE VIE saines

PAHO/WHO Scientific and Technical Material for Blood Services