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Diagnostic Imaging in the Community. A manual for Clinics and Small Hospital (pre-publication-draft copy)

Palmer, Philip E.S., Hanson, Gerald P., and Janice Honeyman-Buck, Editor. Diagnostic Imaging in the Community A Manual for Clinics and Small Hospitals.

Pre-Publication Draft Copy Electronic pre-publishing rights granted to Rotary District 6440 and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) by the authors Copyright ©2011, Philip E.S. Palmer and Gerald P. Hanson.

This manual is being made available online to support a pilot project in Guatemala involving the installation of a digital WHIS-RAD that employs Computed Radiography (CR) for digital processing. The Guatemalan project envisions placing 29 additional digital systems in Guatemala similar to the pilot site and will provide a base of experience for similar installations in Latin America and around the world.The project is jointly supported by Guatemala's Ministry of Health, PAHO, Rotary District 6440 and Rotary District 4250 from Guatemala.

Download the Pre-Publication  pdf here  (1.1 MB)

..." Diagnostic Imaging (X-rays and ultrasound) is an essential part of medical care everywhere. Unfortunately, many people across the globe are unable to benefit from these basic diagnostic imaging services. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than half of the world's population does not have access to diagnostic imaging." ..

..." A vast amount of technical information is available on the Internet and in many excellent publications, but it is not always easy for the non-expert to find all the essential needs or even to understand the details. This revised and illustrated manual should provide straightforward answers to the many of the questions which will face anyone, physician or administrator, who is considering the imaging needs of one or more small hospitals or clinics. It has been written in sections which answer specific questions, such as room size, building materials, costs, and choice of equipment. There is sometimes duplication in the answers to prevent unnecessary cross references." ....
Table of Contents

Chapter one: Diagnostic Imaging
Chapter two: Radiation Protection
Chapter three: Design, Building Materials, Electrical Supply for the X-ray Room,
Darkroom, Office / Store
Chapter four: Power Supply, Choice of Equipment, Design, Specifications, and Accessories
Chapter five: Digital Imaging
Chapter six: Layout of Equipment and Accessories: Inside the X-ray Room
Chapter seven: The Darkroom: Cassettes, Screens, Film, Processing Equipment
Chapter eight: Training and Maintenance
Chapter nine: Ultrasound
About the Authors: Background and Credentials