Washington, D.C., 14-16 March 2012

The Subcommittee on Program, Budget and Administration is an auxiliary advisory body of the Executive Committee with responsibility for aspects of Program, Budget and Administration. It reviews and, as appropriate, makes recommendations to the Executive Committee in these areas.

Diverse Documents| Working Documents| Information Documents| Final Report

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 Final Report

Diverse Document

Working Documents 

  • SPBA6/1, Rev. 2
    - Agenda

  • SPBA6/2
    - Mid-term Evaluation of the Health Agenda for the Americas
  • SPBA6/3
    - Proposed PAHO Budget Policy  
  • SPBA6/4
    - Preliminary Program and Budget 2010-2011 End-of-biennium Assessment/Second Interim PAHO Strategic Plan 2008-2012 Progress Report 

  • SPBA6/5
    - Nongovernmental Organizations in Official Relations with PAHO
  • SPBA6/6
    - Appointment of One Member to the Audit Committee of PAHO

  • SPBA6/7
    - Overview of the Financial Report of the Director for 2011  

  • SPBA6/8
    - Surplus from the Implementation of IPSAS in 2010
  • SPBA6/9
    - Master Capital Investment Plan

  • SPBA6/10
    - Status of Projects Funded from the PAHO Holding Account
  • SPBA6/11, Rev. 1
    - Amendments to the PASB Staff Rules and Regulations
  • SPBA6/12
    - PASB Staffing Statistics

Information Documents

  • SPBA6/INF/1
    - Project for Modernization of the PASB Management Information System: Progress Report  
  • SPBA6/INF/2
    - Process for the Election of the Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau and the Nomination of the Regional Director of the World Health Organization for the Americas
  • SPBA6/INF/3
    - Draft Provisional Agenda for the 150th Session of the Executive Committee
  • SPBA6/INF/4
    - Method of Work of the Governing Bodies: Delegation of Functions to the Executive Committee