Wellness Week 2019 will take place from 14 to 21 September 2019. The  slogan for WW2019  is  “Building healthy schools.” Through highlighting healthy schools for everyone, Wellness Week seeks to work towards universal health by promoting health in schools such that students, parents, and their communities are able to make the healthy choice the easy choice. 

In order to build momentum around the Strategy and Plan of Action on Health Promotion within the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals 2019-2030 that will be presented by PAHO to Member States during the 57th Directing Council in September 2019, the WW2019 campaign highlights health promotion for universal health.

Specifically, the theme will highlight “strengthening key healthy settings,” one of the Strategy and Plan of Action’s four main pillars. The WW2019 will focus on creating healthy schools for everyone, in the spirit of working toward universal health.

As in previous years, the WW theme is tied in with the theme of World Health Day (WHD); in 2019 the WHD theme was universal health. Through highlighting healthy schools for everyone, Wellness Week seeks to bring light to access to health for all students through healthy settings, spaces where the health of children and adolescents is promoted and where students and their communities are enabled to make healthy choices easily.


PAHO asked students, parents, teachers, and school administrators from around the Region what a healthy school is to them. See some of their answers below, or search the #AHealthySchoolIs hashtag on social media.  See more photos here and videos here.

ww 2019 angelina vargas cruz

Angelina Vargas Cruz, Michoacán, Mexico

School age children form Dominican Republic

School age children in Dominican Republic

Children from Morelia, Mexico

Children form Morelia, Mexico

School teachers, Mexico

Mexican teachers

PAHO´s Wellness Week is an initiative that began in 2011 inspired by Caribbean Wellness Day, which is celebrated on the second Saturday of September. Given the increase in noncommunicable diseases worldwide, Wellness Week was launched with the purpose of mobilizing all institutions, including local authorities, the public and private commercial sector, civil society organizations, and the public to highlight the importance of making sure that the healthy choice is the easiest choice and, in such way, facilitate the uptake of healthy lifestyles.