The LAC meeting was held in Panama City, Panama, from 14 to 16 February 2008 in collaboration with the UNEP Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNEP ROLAC), and under the sponsorship of the Governments of Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.

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The first regional coordinating committee meeting was held in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, June 13th 2008. The meeting was organized and funded by the Organization of American States (OAS) in coordination with the SAICM regional focal point and the SAICM secretariat.

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The regional consultation on current international chemicals management issues, was held in Viña del Mar , Chile, 17-19 December 2008, hosted by the Government of Chile.  Also on the agenda was sharing of experience of SAICM implementation in Mexico, whose Government is providing financial support for the meeting in collaboration with the United Kingdom. 

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Caribbean workshop on SAICM and related chemicals and hazardous waste instruments, held in Bridgetown, Barbados, 10-13 March 2009, with the purpose of address SAICM implementation, multilateral environment agreements (e.g. the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions), resource mobilization issues and additional instruments relevant to chemical management such as the International Health Regulations and the Globally Harmonized System for the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.  The workshop was organized in partnership with the Government of Barbados and Finland, the Organization of American States, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research and the secretariats of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions

Conclusions of the workshop.

Latin American and Caribbean regional meeting on SAICM, UNEP mercury consultation and associated workshops, Kingston, Jamaica, 8-13 March 2010, organized by the SAICM Secretariat in collaboration with the Minsitry of Land and Environment, Jamaica. A workshop on nanotechnology and manufactured nanomaterial was organized by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), in association nwith the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Inter Organization Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals (IOMC). A workshop on industrial chemicals management was organized by the Secretariat of the Rotterdam convention and the Workd Health Organization (WHO).

Meeting report

Third Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Regional Coordinating Committee on the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management, Kingston, 7 March 2010 — report

Third LAC regional meeting on SAICM and UNITAR workshop on Nanotechnology and Manufactured Nanomaterials, Panama City, Panama, 30 May-3 June 2011

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LAC Regional coordination arrangements

Current SAICM regional focal point Vilma Morales (Peru) has been recently nominated at ICCM3. The region is represented by the Governments of Barbados and Venezuela on the Executive Board of the SAICM Quick Start Programme (QSP). Terms of reference for the regional focal point and representatives on the QSP Executive Board were agreed at the region's first meeting, held in Panama City from 14 to 16 February 2008. The region also agreed at its first meeting on terms of reference for a regional coordinating committee, whose members met for the first time in Port of Spain from 11 to 13 June 2008.