Women's Cancer Initiative: A joint commitment to save livesPAHO/WHO February 5-7, 2013. A public-private partnership with the Pan American Health Organization, Governments of the Western Hemisphere, and organizations working to  prevent and control cancer.

Breast and cervical cancer are the most common women's cancers, with over 400,000 women newly diagnosed and roughly 120,000 women dying annually from these cancers in the Americas. Many of these women's lives can be saved with education, HPV vaccination, effective screening, early diagnosis and accessible treatment. There is an urgent need to scale up cancer prevention, treatment and control, given the high burden of the disease and the availability of cost-effective interventions.

For this reason, PAHO is convening a meeting on women's cancers with its partner organizations, as part of the Pan American Forum for Action on NCDs (PAFNCDs). This first meeting of the Women's Cancer Initiative will be an important landmark to advance the agenda for breast and cervical cancer prevention and control in the Region, strengthening partnerships, and outlining a joint plan of action to save women's lives.

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pdf Conceptual Note  | Agenda | pdf Outcomes of Discussions and Beginnings of a Joint Plan of Action