Functional Statements

  1. Performs technical cooperation in environmental health, occupational health and consumer protection in order to design and implement sectoral and intersectional policies based in evidence, including the management and organization of health systems, to protect people against environmental and occupational health risks, as well as to establish and implement policies and standards, to generate information and to monitor human exposure.
  2. Stimulates the dissemination, implementation and training in environmental and occupational health risk assessment methodologies, environmental and occupational health analysis, eco-health approach, management and risk communication for policy design and implementation, and health impact assessment.
  3. Positions health as an entry point to human security through the creation and dissemination of guidelines on the subject, its inclusion in national health policies, and the support to related country actions.
  4. In coordination with the OAS promotes a technical cooperation network on consumers' safety and health, aimed to create awareness and strengthening the health sector, particularly on regulatory and non-regulatory practices related to healthy consumption under the social determinants of health framework.
  5. Promotes inclusion and management of the environmental and occupational health determinants in primary health care services, as well as in the preparation, management and response to environmental health emergencies, particularly in sanitation and chemical emergencies, according to the international health regulations (IHR).
  6. Through its regional technical team in water and sanitation (ETRAS, abbreviation in Spanish) provides technical cooperation on public health aspects related to water and sanitation (including hospital waste) to expand effective coverage with equity and safety. It also provides technical cooperation on emergency preparedness related to water and sanitation.

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