Trends in mortality from respiratory disease in Latin America since 1998 and the impact of the 2009 influenza pandemic

A study to assess trends in respiratory disease mortality and the impact of 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic in selected Latin America countries showed that respiratory mortality rates decreased among children under 5 years of age in all countries. In 2009, the rates increased significantly in the 5-49 years age group in most countries, likely attributable to the 2009 influenza pandemic.  
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Mortality due to tuberculosis in the Americas, 1999-2011

The profile of mortality due to tuberculosis in the Americas is varied and complicated by the nature of its impact on individuals and the available resources to combat it.
PAHO tuberculosis program

Morbidity and mortality due to HIV/AIDS

It is estimated that new infections and mortality due to HIV will decrease in the Region, for a total percentage of 6% of new infections at the global level (146,000 total cases, 86,000 in Latin America, 48,000 in  North America, and 12,000 in the Caribbean). The Caribbean has been one of the subregions with greatest decrease in the number of new infections compared to 2001 (52% less than new infections).

Morbidity and mortality due to malaria

Between 2000 and 2012, morbidity due to malaria decreased 60% and mortality decreased by 72%. Of the 21 countries with endemic malaria, 18 managed to decrease its prevalence in 2012: 13 had registered decreases over 75%, and three had decreases over 50%.
PAHO malaria program