The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the EQUATOR Network launched a partnership in 2010 to improve the accuracy, transparency, and rigor of health research in Latin America and the Caribbean through the use of reporting guidelines. To date the collaboration has resulted in the EQUATOR Website and key guidelines being translated into  Spanish. The aim is to benefit the dissemination and implementation of reporting guidelines by the Spanish speaking authors.

A study conducted in 2013 documented that journal editors for the most part are unaware of the availability of reporting guidelines or the Equator Network's website which provides access to a searchable database containing more than 200 guidelines.The editors, the study found, are interested in learning about these guidelines. To address this gap, PAHO and the Equator network devised an implementation plan to acquaint journal editors with reporting guidelines, both will shortly receive relevant information to help them access and use available reporting guidelines.

As part of this collaboration, PAHO and EQUATOR are hosting a series of webinars about research reporting. Most recent webinars have been the STROBE Statement, used for observational studies and the CONSORT Statement for randomized trials. The former was presented by  Dr. Erik von Elm and the latter by Prof. Doug Altman.

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