Social determinants of health

— Establish intersectoral coordination mechanisms and strengthen the capacity of the national health authority to successfully implement public policies that address health determinants.

— Strengthen the capacity of health authorities to influence legislation, regulations, and  interventions beyond the health sector that address the social determinants of health.

— Generate evidence to support interinstitutional actions that have an impact on the health of people and communities; in particular, by assessing the health-related implications of policies, programs, and development projects, with civil society and community participation.

— Promote universal health coverage in social protection programs. Strengthen the participation of the health sector in defining the health-related components of social programs, including programs for conditional cash transfers, as appropriate.

— Strengthen the links between health and community, promoting the role of municipalities and local grassroots organizations in improving living conditions and healthy spaces. Empower people and communities by training leaders, women, young people, and other community members in order for them to understand health determinants and to play an active role in health promotion and protection.

Source:   CE154/12 Strategy for Universal Health Coverage