- Establish formal mechanisms for participation and dialogue to promote the development and implementation of inclusive policies, and ensure accountability on the road towards universal health coverage. Dialogue and social participation in the development of policies should ensure that certain interests do not predominate over others, except in the interests of equity and the common good.

- Develop policies and plans that explicitly and clearly state the intention of the State to transform its health system to advance toward universal health coverage. These plans should have defined targets that are monitored and evaluated. Institute mechanisms for the participation of people and civil society, and the private sector in evaluation and monitoring.

- The legal and regulatory framework should reflect society's commitment to universal health coverage. It establishes the measures and guarantees needed to achieve all the elements of the aforementioned right to health, thereby contributing to the enjoyment of all other health-related rights. In order to achieve universal health coverage, national authorities must strengthen their stewardship capacity in the health sector, guaranteeing the essential public health functions, and strengthening governance.

- Develop regulation as an effective instrument to ensure; access and quality of care in health services; the training, distribution, and appropriate conduct of human resources; the generation and allocation of financial resources to promote equity and access, and to ensure financial protection; the quality and use of technologies to benefit people; and the participation of all sectors including the private sector in moving towards universal health coverage.

- Strengthen national information systems to monitor and evaluate progress toward universal health coverage. Data needs to be disaggregated to facilitate the monitoring of advances in equity. Develop a research agenda and improve knowledge management is essential.

Source: CE154/12 Strategy for Universal Health Coverage