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NCDs PROGRESS MONITOR 2017 - Results for the Americas Region


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Number of pages: 231
Publication date: September 2017
Languages: English, Spanish, French
ISBN: 978 92 4 151302 9
Full report:
Noncommunicable Diseases Progress Monitor 2017 (ENG)
Monitoreo de Avances en materia de las enfermedades no transmisibles 2017 (SPA)
Suivi des Progrès 2017 dans la lutte contre les maladies non transmissibles (FRE)



In May 2015 the World Health Organization published a Technical Note on how WHO will report in 2017 to the United Nations General Assembly on the progress achieved in the implementation of national commitments included in the 2011 UN Political Declaration and the 2014 UN Outcome Document on NCDs. The Technical Note was updated in September 2017 to ensure alignment with the updated set of WHO 'best-buys' and other recommended interventions for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases which were endorsed by the World Health Assembly in May 2017. The Progress Monitor provides data on the 19 indicators detailed in the Technical Note for all of WHO's 194 Member States. The indicators include setting time-bound targets to reduce NCD deaths; developing all-of-government policies to address NCDs; implementing key tobacco demand reduction measures, measures to reduce harmful use of alcohol and unhealthy diets and promote physical activity; and strengthening health systems through primary health care and universal health coverage.

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Progress monitoring in the Region of the Americas

Global Monitoring Framework

The framework comprises nine global targets and 25 indicators, adopted by Member States in 2013 and since then, encouraged to develop national NCD targets and indicators building on the global framework.The 9 voluntary global targets are aimed at combatting global mortality from the four main NCDs, accelerating action against the leading risk factors for NCDs and strengthening national health system responses.


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Global Monitoring Framework on Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition

The monitoring framework has a core set of indicators, to be reported by all countries and an extended set of indicators, from which countries can draw to design national nutrition surveillance systems fitting the specific epidemiological patterns and program decisions to allow a harmonized and internationally accepted approach to monitoring of progress towards nutrition targets at both the national and global levels as well as on the actions taken to put the Comprehensive Implementation Plan into practice.