Guides, magazines, books, presentations, courses, conferences and events on the incorporation of technology in the area of Radiology, as well as publications of the World Health Organization.

Below are the lists of strategic alliances in the clinical field as the CIR, the ISRRT, the ALATRO,the ALFIM, and ALATRA, and in the field of radiological protection and safety to the IRPA, among others. All these organizations, schools, agencies, and authorities serve as collaborating entities in the area of Radiological Health.


The services of diagnostic imaging encompass a wide spectrum of clinical applications, which includes from the diagnosis and monitoring of common diseases in population with high incidence such as respiratory diseases, injuries, digestive conditions, control of the gestation, or mammary pathologies among others, to more complex diseases such as cancer, AIDS, disorders of the central nervous system or cardiovascular diseases

The effectiveness of these services depends enormously on the quality of the health care providers. The existence of well trained professionals, as well as the implementation of quality assurance programs, is essential in order to achieve the main objective of a well-oriented clinical diagnosis with optimal levels of radiation for the patients