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The Radiological Health Program of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) was established in 1960 and has essentially remained as a unit with activities revolving around research, training, radiation protection, and services in the area of public health and clinical medicine. Also, the program has committed to provide the highest level of technical cooperation to PAHO members states in areas such as Medical Imaging, Radiation Therapy, Health Technology Assessment and Management, Radiation Protection and Safety and Radiological Emergencies.

Since 2003, the main technical cooperation areas includes improving quality and access to medical imaging and radiotherapy services, promoting regulations to protect against ionization and non-ionization and strengthening of countries' response to radiological or nuclear emergencies.

Highlight of the 50 years of PAHO


To strengthen the assessment, incorporation, regulation, management, and utilization of appropriate health technologies in medical imaging and radiotherapy services. To provide technical cooperation to ensure radiation protection for the public, workers, patients and the environment.

What we do

As part of the Health Systems Based on Primary Health Care (HSS), the Radiological Health program includes:

1. Diagnostic Imaging Services
2. Radiation Therapy Services
3. Health Technology Assessment and Management. - Incorporation of technology in Radiomedicine
4. Radiation Protection and Safety, and Radiological Emergencies
5. Quality Assurance in Radiology Facility

Technical Documents

This section list a series of guides, magazines, books, presentations, courses, conferences and events on the incorporation of technology in the area of Radiology, as well as publications of the World Health Organization, guidelines, brochure and manuals, educations materials and articles.

List of technical documents on radiology

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1. Collaborating Centres

Collaborating centers can be departments, laboratories or divisions within an academic or research institution, hospital or government. These centers work with a technical area of the PAHO / WHO where both access the TOR. This agreement is initially four years and in some cases may be renewed for up to four years.

2. Partners

Below are the lists of strategic alliances in the clinical field as the CIR, the ISRRT, the ALATRO, the ALFIM, and ALATRA, and in the field of radiological protection and safety to the IRPA, among others. All these organizations, schools, agencies, and authorities serve as collaborating entities in the area of Radiological Health.

- List of Strategic Partnerships


Mammography Services Quality Assurance: Baseline Standards for Latin America and the Caribbean
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PAHO's radiological health program has been in existence for nearly half a century. The program has focused on specific issues in keeping with the times, as well as on the priorities of PAHO's Member States.