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Since 2014, more countries in the Region have strengthen the institutional management on road safety, implemented road safety legislation addressing key factors, as well as ensuring safer roads and safer vehicles and emergency care to the victims after collisions. However, road safety must be prioritized as a key policy issue in each country of the Americas, as road traffic deaths in the Region account for 11% of global road traffic deaths.

This 2019 edition of the Regional Road Safety Report presents the latest available data covering a range of road safety issues, and a second part presents an evaluation of the individual country progress in creating and enforcing legislation to ensure safe roads. A total of 30 of the 35 countries of the Region of the Americas have participated, providing information for the Regional report and for the WHO Global report on road safety. The results indicate that current trends will not allow the Region from meet the SDG target to halve the number of road deaths by 2020 (SDG 3.6).

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Remarkable information

  • Road traffic injuries are the second-leading cause of death among young adults 15–29 years old.
  • Almost half of all road traffic deaths are among the most vulnerable road users: motorcyclists (23%), pedestrians (22%), and cyclists (3%).
  • There has been a 3-percentage point increase in the proportion of deaths among motorcyclists between 2013 and 2016.
  • The burden of road traffic deaths is higher in middle-income countries than in high-income countries.
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These regional reports are part of the ongoing effort to improve monitoring and increase access to road traffic data, which will allow countries to better assess road traffic risks and prioritize effective interventions.