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The 15th of October marks Global Handwashing Day! The 2016 theme is "Make Handwashing a Habit!" This day is dedicated to increase awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives. To reach this goal, handwashing must be practiced at key times-such as before preparing food or eating, after using the toilet or sneezing. Behavior change is essential for making handwashing a habit.

Sesame Workshop- Handwashing Video Collection

This selection of handwashing-related materials is provided thanks to our Sesame Workshop friends and partners. With compliments from PAHO!

Kami and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon - Every Woman. Every Child Plaza Sésamo (México): Lavarse las Manos con Lucero Plaza Sésamo (México): Lavarse las Manos con Adrián Uribe
Sesame Street: Agua Sesame Street: Water Conservation Plaza Sésamo:Pancho, a lavarse las manos

Raise a handThe 2015 theme for Global Handwashing Day is "Raise a Hand for Hygiene".
This theme is action-oriented and can be used particularly well for
advocacy purposes. The act of raising a hand is one of affiliation. You can, and should, identify yourself as a hygiene champion. This can help create a strong social norm of good hygiene in a school, community, or region.

Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing (PPPHW). 

Global Handwashing Day Resources

On Friday 15 October—Global Handwashing Day—children all over the Americas will try to establish the Guiness World Record for the highest number of students washing their hands at the same time. It's a fun way to foster a culture of handwashing with soap, a habit that is among the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent diarrheal diseases and pneumonia.

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Planners-Guide-Cover-300x233The 4rd edition of the Global Handwashing Day Planner's Guide is made available by the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing (PPPHW).

Updated for 2015, this Planner's Guide (also available in lower resolution) will help you plan a successful Global Handwashing Day event. 

From providing step-by-step instructions to crafting an event, detailed information about the importance of handwashing, and easy-to-use tools, the 2015 Global Handwashing Day Planner's Guide features:

to read more visit the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing (PPPHW) website.