72nd World Health Assembly News

Health authorities from the Region of the Americas continued to share their views on how to achieve universal health coverage and access, as well as the challenges they face in ensuring that no one is left behind.

This year, the World Health Organization’s Sasakawa Health Prize recognized the work accomplished in the district of Iguaín in Peru, where the rate of anemia in children under the age of three fell from 65% to 12% over the past three years.

How to achieve universal health coverage without leaving anyone behind was the main topic of presentations made by the Ministers of Health from throughout the world this week in the plenary of the 72nd World Health Assembly.

On the last day of plenary discussions, health ministers and authorities of the Region of the Americas continued to express their views on universal health coverage and shared their experiences with leaving no one behind in access to health care.

Jamaican doctor and professor, Peter Figueroa, was today recognized at the World Health Assembly as a health leader for his substantial contribution to public health in Jamaica, the Caribbean, the Americas and the world,  over the past four decades.