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Chikungunya: Scientific and technical material

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Guidelines: Chikungunya

  • Guidelines for procuring public health pesticides; 2012

    Guidelines for procuring public health pesticides; 2012Pesticide procurement is a highly specialized and complex subject. Expertise is required to ensure that appropriate high-quality pesticide products are procured rapidly, effi ciently, economically and in a fair and transparent manner. It also requires the existence of national policies and guidelines, with clear and transparent procedures supported by appropriate legal provisions and controls.

  • Equipment for vector control – Specification guidelines, revised version; 2010

    The purpose of this document is to standardize the development of specifications for major equipment used to apply pesticides for control of vectors. The specification guidelines provided herein are also intended to assist national authorities in selecting equipment of assured quality used to apply pesticides for vector control activities.

  • Space spray application of insecticides for vector and public health pest control; 2003

    Space spray application of insecticides for vector and public health pest control; 2003This guide provides information on how to control flying insect pests and vectors of diseases by applying insecticides as space treatments. Space treatments are usually designed to provide a rapid knock-down and mortality with little or no residual effect. Such treatments must be considered in conjunction with other control methods as part of an integrated vector management programme. Space spraying provides a rapid method of control in emergency or epidemic situations and may be used for seasonal control of flying insect pests or vectors. 

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