Zika virus infection: Data, Maps and statistics

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Geographic distribution


Zika Surveillance and Epidemiological Alerts

  • Countries with Local Transmission 2015-2017

    zika countries local transmision 2015 17The information included therein is based on information either reported directly by the country/territory to the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) or retrieved from data that they have made publicly available through their respective websites up to epidemiological week (EW) 35

  • Interactive Map 2015-2017

    zika interactive map coverCountries and Territories of the Americas with confirmed autochthonous cases of Zika Virus (vector-borne transmission), 2015 - 2017. Data as of 21 December 2017

  • Zika Reports 2015-2017

    zika countries local transmision 2015 17Note: The Epidemiological Update publication schedule is being changed monthly until further notice. Since epidemiological week (EW) 44 of 2016, no additional countries or territories of the Americas have confirmed autochthonous, vector-borne transmission of Zika virus disease.

  • Case Definitions; 2016

    folha informativa doenca zikaThese are interim case definitions based on data obtained from the current epidemic in the Region of the Americas and may be subject to modifications based on advances in knowledge about the disease and the etiologic agent.

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