eHealth is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health. The eHealth program works with partners at the global, regional and country level to promote and strengthen the use of information and communication technologies in health development, from applications in the field to global governance. The program is based in the Department of Knowledge Management, Bioethics and Research.

Resolutions on eHealth

The 71th World Health Assembly recognized the potential of digital technologies to advance the Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular to support health systems in all countries in health promotion and disease prevention, and by improving the accessibility, quality and affordability of health services.

The 66th World Health Assembly recognized the need for health data standardization as part of eHealth systems and services, and the importance of proper governance and operation of health-related global top-level Internet domain names, including “.health”.

The 51st Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization recognized that the review of the current situation indicates that the implementation of eHealth (using information and communication technologies in health) in the countries of the Americas hinges on two basic conditions: the existence of efficient means for formulating and implementing eHealth policies and strategies (technical viability) and the existence of practical and locally relevant procedures, as well as simple, affordable, and sustainable instruments (programming and financing viability)

The World Health Assembly resolution recognized the potential of eHealth to strengthen health systems and to improve quality, safety and access to care, and encouraged Member States to take action to incorporate eHealth in health systems and services (58th World Health Assembly, 2005; Geneva, Switzerland).

World Health Organization in 1998 recognized the increasing importance of the Internet and its potential to impact health through advertising and promotion of medical products, in its resolution on “Cross-border advertising, promotion, and sale of medical products through the Internet” (101st Executive Board, 1998; Geneva, Switzerland).