mHealth is a term for medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices, such as mobile phones, patient monitoring devices, and other wireless devices. Some projects and initiatives on mHealth are:

Be He@lthy, Be Mobile    
Description: This initiative is a unique joint project between the UN health and telecommunications agencies to use mobile technology, in particular text messaging and apps, to help member states combat the growing burden of NCDs. Mobile phones have already been successfully used in different health fields, improving access to health services, training health workers, and assist individuals to manage their diseases. They are also extremely cost-effective. A number of countries have also used mobile technology to monitor and control NCD risk factors. This initiative will take successful pilots to the world stage through a global UN, private sector and government partnership dedicated to providing mobile solutions for NCDs.
Status: Ongoing. This project is currently being implemented in Costa Rica.
Information of Interest: Be He@lthy, Be Mobile.
Partners: PAHO Entities, NMH; External Partners, ITU.

Mejorando la salud materna en la República Dominicana con Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación y estrategias de igualdad de género 2013-2014.    
Description: This Project aims to improve access to current information about prenatal care for women in the Tres Brazos neighborhood in Santo Domingo, through the training of health professionals and the creation of a network of women.  
This initiative aspires to link technology with simple methods for providing messages to women about prenatal care in a way that respects their independence and promoting their empowerment in determining their own health.  The design for the cell phone messages will be carried out with experts from various disciplines including health care professionals, clinicians, social communicators, and groups of women.  It is hoped that an alliance with the Ministries of Public Health and of Women as well as other key entities will be established.  
Status: Ongoing
Partners: PAHO Entities, FGL and PWR DOR.

Plataforma de integración tecnológica para el registro, vigilancia y alerta de enfermedades de notificación obligatoria (Chile)    
Description: The Project aims to create a hardware and software system destined for Communicable Diseases of Obligatory Notification.
Status: Ongoing
Partners: PAHO Entities, PWR CHI; External Partners, Universidad de Valparaíso