The quality of information on accidents and violence is often lacking. Sometimes there is no detail as to the type or intentionality of the external cause responsible for the injuries that caused the death. In these cases, it is only known that the death is due to external causes. This occurrence has been verified in about 10% of the total deaths due to accidents and violence in Brazil, reaching, in some areas, much higher values. In some localities, this distortion has been remedied or minimized with the help of information from other sources, such as medical records, necropsy reports or the use of newspaper articles.

To improve the quality of information on deaths from external causes in the State of Rio de Janeiro, a project is being proposed by IESC - Instituto de Estudos em Saúde Coletiva (Institute for Studies in Collective Health) that aims to qualify the information of deaths by external causes of undetermined intention and others considered ill defined or residual occurred in the State of RJ. The project also seeks to ensure its sustainability by training professionals of the State Health Department of Rio de Janeiro, with capillarity for municipal secretariats.

Considering that information is considered a priority theme for the complete management of SUS (the Universal Health System of Brazil), the assumption is that, with a simple and inexpensive methodology, it is possible to obtain a better quality of information on mortality, showing at the end the new profile of mortality due to external causes in the state of RJ. Data from this project will be correlated with data from the Public Safety Institute, which are not specifically from the health area, but may contribute to the qualification of mortality data.

The importance of database relationship has already been demonstrated in many other cases. It is expected that this methodology will be adopted by other Secretariats of Health, specially while it is not possible to count on complete and correct indications of external causes in death certificates.

Category: Vital statistics

Title of the project: Health information: in search of better data on accidents and violence

Lead Institution: IESC - Instituto de Estudos em Saúde Coletiva, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil

City: Rio de Janeiro
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