Implementing universal access to health and universal health coverage in the region will be strengthened through interconnected and interoperable health-related information systems that assure effective and efficient access to quality data, strategic information and ICT tools for decision making and wellbeing.


 To implement a better decision and policy making mechanism through health-related information systems that ensure universal, free and timely access to data and strategic information using the most cost-effective ICT tools.

Miniature image of the IS4H framework in graphical form

The strategic goals of IS4H focus on data management and information technologies; management and governance; innovation and performance; and knowledge management and sharing. Download the framework

Miniature image of the IS4H blueprint in graphical form

To ensure a successful IS4H implementation, it is important—among other things—to measure the level of maturity of your information systems, and to define the HR skills and the ICT infrastructure needed. Download the blueprint

 Maturity Model

The Information Systems for Health Maturity Assessment Tool (IS4H-MM) describes the method, tool and questions for assessing organizational capacity related to governance, data management, digital transformation, innovation and knowledge management. The IS4H-MM is part of the IS4H Blueprint for a successful implementation , and is organized according to the 4 strategic goals of the IS4H conceptual Framework.

The IS4H-MM is also a reference framework guiding Information Systems for Health to keep walking through the changing path of information and knowledge revolution, and how countries and organizations might grow in capabilities to operate, interact and benefit from them.
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Image showing some of the steps of the IS4H Maturity Model
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