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Correctly completing death certificates

Having quality data is essential for the design and implementation of effective policies that improve people’s health and quality of life. 

Analysis of mortality should be accompanied by monitoring of data quality. 

The region has a high rate of causes of death that are ill-defined or useless for decision-making. 

Although efforts to improve this situation have produced results, differences within countries continue to be significant. 

Reducing these errors begins with filling out death certificates correctly.

RELACSIS offers a free online course on how to correctly fill out death certificates…

…to raise awareness among health professionals and medical students about the importance of correctly identifying underlying causes of death, and emphasizing the right way to complete these certificates. 

More than 70 thousand health professionals have already been trained…

…helping to reduce ill-defined causes, and improving data quality. 

Because the right to health begins with the right to quality information. 

Shared experiences. Better health information.