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El Grupo Mundial de Registro Civil y Estadísticas Vitales (CRVS) (que comprende organizaciones que apoyan los sistemas CRVS a nivel mundial, regional y nacional) y el Grupo de Trabajo del Banco Mundial, en asociación con el Ministerio de Estrategia y Finanzas, se  complace en informar que el primer curso de e-learning de CRVS del siglo XXI, fue lanzado hoy en Seúl, República de Corea. El desarrollo de este curso demuestra el compromiso de los asociados para el desarrollo y los gobiernos de trabajar en estrecha colaboración para alcanzar el objetivo de desarrollo sostenible Objetivo 16.9: Para el año 2030, proporcionar identidad jurídica para todos, incluido el registro de nacimientos.

Dear Colleagues, 

On behalf of the Global Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Group (which comprises organizations that support CRVS systems at the global, regional, and national level) and the World Bank Group Open Learning Campus, in partnership with the Korea Ministry of Strategy and Finance, I am delighted to inform you that the first-ever 21st century, state-of-the-art, comprehensive CRVS eLearning course was launched today at a high-level event in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The development of this course demonstrates the commitment of development partners and governments to work closely together in achieving Sustainable Development Goal Target 16.9:By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration. 

The goal of the course is to train policy makers, public and civil servants, university students, researchers, development practitioners, and civil society organizations by providing practical tools and approaches in building and maintaining state-of-the-art CRVS systems that are linked to identity management systems and tailored to local contexts, which will eventually contribute to alleviating poverty and promoting shared prosperity.This interactive course was built on materials from the United Nations’ Principles and Recommendations for a Vital Statistics System and the 2015 Training Course on CRVS Systems of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention International Statistics Program. 

The new eLearning course is presented in 13 modules. The first three modules are core modules that all learners must take; the remaining modules, which are optional, provide more in-depth knowledge on a range of topics.

Module 1. Importance of CRVS Systems

Module 2. Overview of CRVS Systems

Module 3. Institutional Arrangements of CRVS Systems

Module 4. Legal Frameworks of CRVS Systems

Module 5. Birth Registration and Adoption

Module 6. Death Registration

Module 7. Marriage and Divorce Registration

Module 8. Analysis and Use of Vital Statistics

Module 9. Presentation and Dissemination of Vital Statistics

Module 10. CRVS Digitization

Module 11. CRVS Assessment and Strategic Planning

Module 12. Identity Management Systems

Module 13. Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons, Stateless Persons and CRVS Systems

The course is offered through the Open Learning Campus (, the World Bank Group’s single destination for online development learning for its staff, clients, and partners. It simplifies and consolidates the World Bank Group’s learning programs and provides an integrated and dynamic joint learning environment. 

You can join in the efforts to enhance CRVS capacity right now, by registering and enrolling in the first self-paced core course (following the instructions below), which is free. Based on feedback from learners, we will then launch the full facilitated course, with 13 modules and guided by global experts, in September 2017.

 I would appreciate if you would inform your colleagues and networks who may also benefit from having this resource. 

I hope you enjoy this course and welcome your feedback to improve it. If you have any questions about the course content, please contact the CRVS eLearning Course Coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Thank you, With warm regards

Sam Mills, World Bank Group & Global CRVS Group


How a new eLearning course will help improve countries’ civil registration and vital statistics systems?

By: Samuel Mills (World Bank Group and Global CRVS Group) and Sheila Jagannathan (World Bank Group and Open Learning Campus)


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