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Health Information Systems Strengthening Resource Center: Centralizing Evidence

Join MEASURE Evaluation on September 6th at 10 AM EDT as they discuss their Health Information Systems Strengthening Resource Center. During this webinar, they will explore: 

  • How their efforts to understand what works to strengthen health information systems (HIS) is framed by MEASURE Evaluation’s HIS Strengthening Model;
  • HIS Country Profile Indicators;
  • the HIS Assessment Tool Database;
  • Other resources available through the website.

For more information and to register, please click here.?


Dr. Heidi W. Reynolds, PhD, MPH, is the Director for Evaluation for the MEASURE Evaluation project, based at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.  As Director for Evaluation, Heidi leads the evaluation unit and the all-health areas technical groups. Health areas include HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, nutrition, gender, orphans and vulnerable children, family planning and reproductive health, maternal and child health, and health systems. She also leads the project’s learning agenda with the mandate to measure countries’ progress toward robust HIS and to build the evidence base of what works to strengthen HIS.

Shannon Salentine, MPH, is MEASURE Evaluation’s team leader for ICF. Shannon has 15 years of experience working with national M&E, HIS, and implementing partners to improve the availability and use of health data for decision making through capacity building and system strengthening. Her most recent work includes the review and study of performance measures and methods for HIS strengthening. Together with Eva Silvestre, she led the development of the HIS Strengthening Model.

Dr. Eva Silvestre, PhD, MA, is a clinical assistant professor at Tulane University and is MEASURE Evaluation’s team leader. Eva has worked with a regional health bureau in Ethiopia to improve routine health information data quality and use. She is currently working on various health system strengthening activities with MEASURE Evaluation including an evaluation of electronic health records implementation in Swaziland. Together with Shannon Salentine, she led the development of the HIS Strengthening Model.

Dr. Emily Bobrow, PhD, MPH, is a Senior Technical Specialist for Evaluation and Learning with MEASURE Evaluation.  Emily has almost 20 years of technical and programmatic experience in international public health, has designed and implemented numerous public health programs and implementation research studies, and has provided evidence to support practical interventions.  She is currently working on an evaluation of investments to strengthen HIS in Madagascar.

Liz Millar, MPH, is a Research Associate for Evaluation and Learning with MEASURE Evaluation.  Liz has experience working to strengthen health systems and improve health data quality both domestically and internationally .  She is currently working on an evaluation of interventions to improve data quality and data use at the county level in Kenya.