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We are a community of practice present in Latin America and the Caribbean since 2010. Our work is based on solidarity and cooperation among all the countries in the region in the investigation, documentation, definition, and design of practices to improve data quality, data analysis, and data interpretation for better situation assessments that can be used to formulate, monitor, and evaluate health policies. 


Virtual course how to correctly complete death certificates 

Free access and free of charge. Created to raise awareness among physicians and students in the region regarding the importance of correctly completing death certificates in order to identify the underlying causes of death and help complete the epidemiological profile of each country.

Virtual course for ICD-10 coders of medical information 

First course offering online training with tutors, designed to improve coding quality. 

Dr. Roberto Becker Forum for the WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) 

Aimed at answering questions and improving the definition of profiles with regard to coding causes of death and morbidity in ambulatory and hospital settings.

Dissemination and training in software used for coding causes of death

Adapted into Spanish by Mexico to improve the timeliness of mortality data and to improve its reliability and accuracy. Facilitates and improves the quality of information.

Methodology for deliberate searches and reclassification of maternal deaths 

Designed and implemented to reduce underregistration and errors in the classification of causes of maternal death, determining the real number in each country, and enabling better policies to reduce maternal mortality and its social impact.

Estimated coverage of vital statistics at the subnational level 

Working groups created to evaluate statistics in small areas, improving rate calculations and contributing to sound analysis of local health situations.

Conversations on health information systems 

Series of webinars to pool regional experiences in strengthening health information systems. 

Sharing these practices among the countries of the region, RELACSIS helps to improve the quality of health statistics within the framework of South-South cooperation. 

Because the right to health begins with the right to quality information. 


Shared experiences. Better health information. 

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