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17-23 October 2015 Manchester, United Kingdom

Gawryszewski V1, Mazas MA2, Jiménez APR3, Hernandez MY3, Navarro Robles AG3, Torres Palacios LM3, Marconi E2, Orellano A2, Guevel C2, Martinez ML2, Cordero C4, Espallargues Carreras M5, Estrada MD5, Bess S6, Martinez MA6, Guerra E6, Piedra D6, Argimon JM5, Bo M5, Lopez M5, Canela J5, Conejo C5, Conesa A5, Cirera L5, Río J5, Ferrer R5, Garolera M5, Gelabert G5, González A5, Hernàndez-Cortés A5, Llauger A5, Laxe S5, Martínez A5, Molina P5, Nebot C5, Romero R5, Salazar MM5, Alonso A5, Serrano J5, Konstanjsek NFI7

(1) Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), (2) Collaborating Center fro the PAHO/WHO-FIC in Argentina (CACE); (3) Collaborating Center fro the WHO-FIC in Mexico (CEMECE); (4) Collaborating Center fro the WHO-FIC in Venezuela (CEVECE); (5) Collaborating Center fro the WHO-FIC in Barcelona, Spain (CC-BCN) (under designation); (6) Cuban Center for the Classification of Diseases (CECUCE) (under designation); (6) National Reference Center in Chile; (7) World Health Organization


For the Spanish speaking countries participating in the first phase of the ICD 11 Field Trials, the translation of
the ICD 11 Beta Draft, study protocols and the web-based system is critical. In order to accomplish this challenging task in
a timely manner, the Collaborator Centers and National Reference Centers in the Region of the Americas and in Spain
(called the PAHO/WHO-FIC network) have decided to work collaboratively. Since the beginning of the 2015, this network
has held virtual meetings on a regular basis to develop a work plan for distributing the translation among the Centers to
standardize the translation of specific terms and share experiences. 

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