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Institutional Spot for the Latin American and the Caribbean Network for Strengthening Health Information Systems (RELACSIS)

Each health event should be able to generate a bit of DATA.

This is the initial step in a process that contributes to the design and implementation of policies that improve the health of a population.

First, these health events are registered. The information is then coded and the data becomes part of an indicator that is analyzed to design health policies. Policies are applied and then assessed based on new registered data. Then the cycle begins again.

For this reason is important to avoid as many errors as possible in each stage of the data gathering and analysis processes. Any inaccuracy in the data can generate a false interpretation of the indicators, negatively impacting the effective design and application of health policies.

RELACSIS works at all stages of data gathering and analysis processes in order to strengthen and optimize health information systems to improve people’s lives.

We are a network of technicians and professionals, both producers and users of health information in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our task is based on the principles of solidarity and cooperation among all countries in the region to improve the quality of data, diagnostics and health policies.

The network promotes training based on best practices and the development and use of low-cost/high-impact tools, thereby contributing to improving health information systems.

RELACSIS also allows us to share experiences among participating countries, and provide common solutions to common problems, within the framework of South-South cooperation.

Because the right to health begins with the right to quality information, help us improve the health of the population. Help us strengthen health information systems. RELACSIS.

Sharing experiences. Improved  health information.