HIS component at the PAHO/USAID umbrella project

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) and the United States Agency for International Development  (USAID) have a long history of partnering their efforts with the aim to strengthen health priority areas in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Region. From 2007, PAHO and USAID signed three regional partnership agreements that build on the twenty years of collaborative work between the two institutions. While maintaining the work in the areas of health systems and services, maternal and neonatal health, tuberculosis and antimicrobial resistance, the agreement was organized around two cross-cutting themes: (1) strengthening of health systems in the context of Primary Health Care (PHC), and (2) improving the quality of health care services.

The objective of the component on strengthening health systems in the context of PHC is to improve the steering role capacity of the National Health Authority (NHA) to develop policies and implement strategies that reduce fragmentation in health through the integration of comprehensive services networks based on PHC, the development of public health capacity, and the scaling up of health systems with a focus on  tuberculosis, antimicrobial resistance, maternal and child health and health information systems (HIS).

The outcome for the strengthening health information systems was established to support evidence-based public health decision-making.

The PAHO-USAID collaboration contributes to Strategic Objective11: To strengthen leadership, governance and the evidence base of health systems from the PAHO Strategic Plan 2008-2012.

The primary objectives of this joint effort have been to use and promote standardized frameworks, methodologies, and instruments to monitor HIS operations; to identify, document, and disseminate successful experiences, key processes, and lessons learned relating to assessment processes; and to design strategic plans to strengthen HIS in selected countries.

This joint project has enhanced the potential of individual initiatives (PAHO, HMN and PRISM) through the Project Health Analysis and Information (HSD/HA, Health Surveillance and Disease Prevention and Control/Project Area, Health Information and Analysis).

This webpage includes conceptual and technical documents, country reports, strategic plans and further information from the regional initiative.


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